Fall Trend Report


I did my fall buying back in February in NYC and I am SO EXCITED to finally share my fall merch with you over the next months! I love the 2012 trends and feel that I ordered some pretty phenomenal collections. I hope you agree!

One of the most common questions I receive this time of year is “What’s hot for fall?”. Here are my impressions about what’s hot this season:

• Colored denim: Still hot! Look for burgundy to replace last fall’s reds, reptile prints to replace spring’s floral prints. We have some faded teal python-print jeggings coming in from DL1961 that are TDF. Can’t wait!

• Jeggings: Still hot! These are definitely here to stay, as they are denim’s #1 selling body right now.

• Colors of the season: Spring’s corals and mints will deepen this fall into rich wine and vibrant teal. Wine/burgundy is absolutely the #1 color of the season this year. Winter white is also very on trend.

• East Coast Prep: I definitely noticed a more conservative feel to many fall trends–blazers, military, etc.

• STILL HOT: Fur (faux or vintage), and Leather. Especially sleek, moto leather.

What’s OUT: I’m not going to call out any fading/borderline trends, but just the worst offenders that I still (sadly) see out on the streets. So if you have any of the following in your closet, you need to get rid of it, STAT! Blinged out jeans, anything Ed Hardy or it’s ilk, thermal graphics, overabundant ruffles, really chunky heels. Soooooooo two (or let’s be honest, MORE) years ago. 🙂


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