Trend Alert: Fall 2011


Every season I get the inevitable question: What’s hot this season? Here’s a sneak peak at our fave trends.

Neutrals: Grey is giving the #1 title over to brown this fall. The last couple of seasons the “go to” neutral has been varying shades of grey. This season we’re seeing a lot of brown tones, anywhere from beige to chocolate, often paired with navy. Not to worry grey lovers….you’re still fine wearing it. Neutrals like these never really go out of style. Go with the shades that suit you best!

The “still ins”: Jeggings. Leggings. Over the knee boots. Fur. I honestly don’t think that jeggings will ever go “out” in MN, they are just too practical. And comfortable.

Bottoms Up: Fashion is still giving the 70’s a firm nod (think chic or boho, not retro), and wide leg and bell bottom denim is HOT. Consider going high waisted and pairing them with a silky blouse for sophisticated chic. Same story for trousers. Avoid ripped/faded/distressed and go for a rich solid to elongate the leg.

Accessories: Loving the cuff bracelets, especially in leather. Edgy chokers. Printed scarves.

Other trends: Asian influence. Lace. “Burnt” colors: rust. Goldenrod. Mustard. Plunging necklines. Sheer (lined to knee) maxi skirts….though I find that trend to be more popular on the catwalk than the sidewalk.

Things that need to go away, STAT: jeans with heavy or excessive stitching. Anything even slightly related to Ed Hardy or his ilk. Men who don’t appreciate our fabulousness. Feather hair extensions–now that 8-year-olds are running around with feathers in their hair, it’s time to get rid of yours. Express yourself with feather earrings instead, or a subtle feather print blouse.

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