Saturday is a day that is all about….FEATHERS.

One of the latest jewelry trends in Hollywood is feather earrings. Stars like Gwyneth Paltrow, Vannessa Hudgens, and Jessica Biel have all been spotted wearing them. Saturday we will be featuring feather earrings from local designer Jenna from Hot Mamas (no relation to the store) in a variety of colors and lengths. We have had a few in store this week and they’ve been flying out the door–no pun intended. 😉

Another hot trend this spring is feather extensions–add a few to your hair in natural hues or stand out with bright colors. The feathers are thin – perhaps an eighth- to quarter-inch wide – and from 8 to 16 inches long. A small silicone bead is thread onto a strand of hair next to the scalp, and the feathers are clamped into the bead.

Once applied, the feathers stay in the hair for six to eight weeks before they grow away from the scalp. The feathers can be reused. They can also be shampooed, blow-dried, flat-ironed and curled with a curling iron.

Featherlocks will be available for the reduced price of $15/feather from local stylist Amanda Felix of City Hairstylists. She will be in-store with a variety to choose from between 2:00 and 5:30, and they take about 5 minutes to add to your hair! I know I plan to add 2-3 in neutral beige colors to blend with my blonde locks, but I’m sure some of you will be more adventurous than I. 😉

As always, the music will be pumping, the wine sparkling, and the fashion flying. See you Saturday!


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