Chic for Cheap(er)!


Our cocktail line TFNC is famous for taking looks from the runway and making them more affordable.  Here are a few examples comparing dresses we have in store for around $125 to their pricier siblings.  🙂

Barbie Dress from TFNC, $125 at Drama.
The alternative, $598?!?
Red haute! From TFNC, $125.
The alternative, $480.
Velvet bandeau dress by TFNC, $125.
The alternative, $330.
TFNC, $125. We have this dress in red.
The alternative, $248.
TFNC’s Blossom dress, $125. Image courtesy of City Pages.
The alternative, $318.
Blue sequin dress from TFNC, $145. Open back! Image courtesy of
The alternative, $396.
TFNC colbalt blue tiered cocktail dress, $125.
The alternative, $288. We like ours better!
Halston-inspired cape dress, $125 from TFNC.
The Halston Heritage dress Carrie wore in SATC2, $325.

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