TFNC: The “it girl” factor


You know that dress line…’s your “go to” for that special event that makes you look–and feel–amazing EVERY time.  Before I opened the store, it was BCBG for me.  Now, one would hope you always find it at Drama.  😉   Introducing the best dress line ever:  TFNC, which stands for “Time For New Clothes”.  I have never been so excited to introduce a new line!

They are a success story that began in the early 80’s, emerging as one of the most popular brands in Europe. Apart from their stores in London, TFNC also has a strong presence in Topshop, the ultimate shopping destination in the world as they offer cutting edge style before anyone else, for a reasonable price!  TFNC is well regarded by the British press for bringing the catwalk to the door.  The line is conceived by a brilliant team of designers in London, Paris and Milan, who re-create the latest and most exclusive fashion trends and make them accessible.

Drama is the EXCLUSIVE retailer of TFNC in Minnesota.    Their dresses retail between $110 and $150, and are OH-so-fabulous.  A few pics below……we have the in-store NOW, so stop by soon to grab your fave!!!

Barbie Dress, $145.

Bowie dress, very "Halston"! $125.

LOVE this flattering blue sequined dress! $145.

TFNC's signature dress...the Miu Miu! $125.

Another good one from TFNC....this khaki and black dress is VERY cute on! $125.

TFNC's blossom dress, $125.


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