Trends for Fall


•Neutrals!  Shades of beige, pink, and gray are EVERYWHERE.  But gray is the clear winner.

•The silhouettes of the 1950s and 1960s make a strong return, with shapes that accentuate curves and enhance you feminine side.

•We’re also seeing the 70’s rise again:  high waists, wide legs, soft blouses, draping dresses.


•Leather is back. Our neighbors at MN-based Wilsons are rejoicing, because it has been awhile. Every girl must have a leather jacket: clean, tailored and on the short side. Don’t be afraid of leather dresses either!

•Cut outs.  Whether it be the “cold shoulder” look or cut outs filled in with sheer fabric, you’ll be seeing a lot of this trend going forward.

•Knee high socks.  Falling into line with the to-the-knee and over-the-knee boot look, knee socks are filling the gap.

•Velvets:  This won’t actually hit hard until closer to holiday, but already we are starting to see velvet accents.  Crushed velvet is haute as well.

Other trends:  rosettes, ribbon necklaces, hairpieces, tassle necklaces, owls, military, sheer fabrics, and lace.


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