My TOP Colors for Fall 2010


As an avid fashion content consumer, I have often found that my instincts tend to lead me in the right direction each season. When I crave a certain color or style, it frequently turns out that what I had lusted after was more than just an impulse but an inkling of an up and coming trend. In fact, when what I am loving comes to popularity in a big way, it is not mere coincidence or a magical occurrence but rather a result of my “research” (reading magazines is a big part of the life of a fashion student and intern!). Indeed, my predictions for color this fall were conceived in this same way, and the more I read the more confident I become and the more justified I feel about my selections. Even so, you don’t have to trust me blindly on my choices because I intend this simply as a guide and an expression of MY top colors for fall. While you may do well to heed my advice, the point is to follow your instincts in the name of fashion. They will unlikely lead you astray!

Camel – This color is everywhere for fall, from pants to tops to accessories and especially to outerwear. Brown is typically important for fall, but this color is the staple of the season. A camel colored coat for the cold weather will likely be a part of every chic, trend conscious woman’s wardrobe.

Gunpowder Gray – A smoky new neutral for those who love basic colors that go with everything. This season, gray is better than your average black or white in such a big way that it can make your outfit all on its own (even a monochromatic look in this color can be so fabulous!). Use gunpowder gray for of-the-moment sophistication and style this fall.

Army Green – While the least exciting, it is also the no brainer color for fall. So obvious is army green that I initially did not think to include it in my color predictions for the season! What with all the military inspiration that is hot right now, anything from pants to dresses to outerwear, this color will be your new go-to neutral for a look that is both of the moment and downright cool.

Emerald – As usual, jewel tones are fabulous for fall but my new favorite that hasn’t surfaced much in recent seasons is emerald. This deep and inimitable color is both striking and fresh for this season; it could turn out to be a bit difficult to find, but look for it especially in knits, silks, velvets, or jewelry that all add a touch of luxury to your cold-weather wardrobe.

Ballet Pink – A step away from baby pink, this color is more sophisticated and more subtle (think leather ballet slippers; an opaque light pink with faint peachy undertones). This color is soft enough to become a neutral in your look but also strong enough to be the star of your outfit. I’m loving it in casual tops, evening wear, and all types of leather for fall.

Scarlet – Red of any kind is a hit for this season, but fall especially calls for a deep red that is vibrant and sensual. As opposed to true red, scarlet is more flattering on most skin tones and also adds a hint of extravagance to your look. Like emerald, this color is best in rich and luxurious fabrics such as velvet, silk, and warm buttery knits.

Items pictured are available in-store today!


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