New Deliveries!


Stunning buff colored knit wrap has a chiffon layer to the ruffle....SO pretty. And only $54!

Navy/Grey faux leather vest, $79.

Knit Mocha cropped jacket with belt, $70.

Navy blue cropped jacket with zipper accents, $72.

Charcoal top with floral ruching detail, $47.

Absolutely one of the most beautiful dresses I've ever seen in person--this plum wine dress layers over a soft grey embroidered fabric and has incredible detail from top to bottom! From Saivana, $240. SO lovely!!!

Also from Saivana, this black draped cowl top is accented by a soft blue chiffon that is beaded by gold sequins. Stunning. $130.

Wonderful under a jacket or on its own! This black/gray silk top is embellished with subtle sequins and beautiful fabric details. Saivana, $155.

Just a few of our new scarves...our dip-dye cotton cascade scarves will add impact to any outfit, and we always have plenty of basic cashmere blend pashminas, versatile and warm!

Belts galore! $18-36.

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