Introducing: Anoname Denim!


We have been searching for a premium denim line that doesn’t break the bank, and it hasn’t been easy!  So we are very excited to introduce you to our new denim line Anoname, which retails for around $110.  We love the fit and the fabric almost as much as we love the price!  But don’t listen to us, listen to the experts:

From Denim Debutante, an online jeans review site:

Anonamé Jeans(pronounced a-NA-nah-mee) is a unique denim line that fills a void in the market – a fashion forward, flattering, contemporary jean that hovers around $100 – $120 retail. Anonamé can be merchandised right next to the ‘it’ premium denim brands of today, and provide customers with a fashion-forward alternative in the form of unique washes and novelty details previously unseen at this price point.

As Anonamé enters into its fifth year in business, it has firmly established itself as a denim line that caters to ladies of all ages. Celebrities from MTV’s Lala and Vanessa Minnillo, singers Jojo and Rihanna to Tara Reid and Brooke Shields wear Anonamé styles that all flatter all their different shapes and sizes.

Let me start my official review with this: these jeans do NOT feel like they retail for $110. The denim is soft, comfortable and doesn’t have any of that drier, slightly itchy feel that some denim has. The detailing is exquisite and flattering, actually slimming (which many brands try to do but few succeed at) and truly add to the jeans instead of distracting the wearing from the pair’s pitfalls.

They offer the average range of sizing (it says 25-32, but they do actually run down to a 24), four different fits (Bootcut, Flare, Skinny and Straight Leg) and have a pretty nice selection of washes. But their strength is how fashionable and “trendy” they are while still being wearable and not obnoxious (which, as you know, is a BIG selling point in my book). They have appeal to the younger crowd but are still accessible to pretty much any age range.

These are worth saving your pennies for two reasons: their figure-flattering, comfortable design and… well, and the fact that it takes far fewer pennies to get there. I want more of these jeans.

-JP, fashion writer and owner of

We agree.  Friday we are set to receive our first pair–the Joelle Bootcut in their Teaser wash.  Mid-rise, totally cute, and only $110.  😉  See the pics, and stop in this weekend to try a pair on!


One Response to “Introducing: Anoname Denim!”

  1. Jennifer Wilson Says:

    Fave pair of jeans i have ever worn

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