As an intern at Drama, many of the things I do are ‘firsts’ as I work, watch, and learn. This week in particular marks two things that I am very excited about: my first experience at an apparel show, and, obviously, my first blog entry.

On Monday afternoon I made my way to the Bloomington Airport Embassy Suites, where I met up with Courtney and Brynn to do a little ‘shopping’. Upon arriving, I found that the show vendors were set up on two floors of the hotel, each having their own room or area with merchandise on display for the two-day event.  Examples of vendors included both well known and obscure lines such as Desigual, Organiks, SPANX, Kensie, Eileen Fisher, Tretorn, Roxy, Quicksilver, Free People, and many more.

View from the balcony

What I noticed from my experience was that there was SO much available for buyers to look at and choose from; there was something to be found for everyone.  That said, there seemed to be an overall trend towards details. Whether it was beading on the shoulders of a shirt or your not-so-average belt, most things seemed created to stand out as unique.

While browsing with Courtney and Brynn, I realized it takes a lot of focus to be a buyer. We were looking for things for fall, and did not stray from our goal in spite of all the great merchandise available. What was most exciting was making purchases; first we picked up a hip new denim line called Anonamé, later we found some fabulous Italian sweaters and scarves, and even made a few more purchases after that before leaving. All of these items will be coming soon so be sure to look for more info. on the blog and to check them out in the store!

As for my next post? Stay tuned!


Brynn and Courtney in action


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