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Working in a boutique, you learn *a lot* of industry secrets that you share with your customers on a need-to-know basis.  Here are just a few that you might not know!

Problem #1:

What bra do I wear with this backless dress?

Available at Drama for $30.

We wear a silicone adhesive bra.  In fact, I have replaced my strapless bras with the adhesive bra because they are SO comfortable and feel like a natural extension of your body.  You no longer have to do the inevitable “bra shimmy” to keep your strapless around your cleavage rather than your waist.

Many people are afraid they will slip or fall off, but as long as you are not wearing lotion and follow the instructions in the box, it should adhere perfectly all night long, even if you are tearing up the dancefloor.  You can wear it multiple times.  Once they start to lose their stickiness, simply wash with soap and warm water and air dry to re-activate the adhesive.

Problem #2:

You are wearing one of those dresses that shows EVERY line, and you don’t want go panty-less.  What’s the solution?

My favorite in this case is to wear a pair of seamless panties that don’t cut in to your skin at all, therefore alleviating tacky VPL’s.  I would recommend the seamless boyshort by Jockey….they can still be sexy (no one wants to be wearing granny pants at that important moment of disrobing!!!) but they also leave you line-free when you are out for the evening.

Problem #3:

Aurgh!  I just put my LBD on and there are now tacky deodorant marks on my dress!

Don’t worry, there are two easy solutions!  First, try taking another part of the dress made of the same fabric and rub the two sides together.  The deodorant should flake away.  Rub softly so as not to encourage pilling.  Another great way to remove deodorant stains is to take a pair of pantyhose and rub them across the offending spot.  Between these two tricks you should be able to completely get rid of the marks.


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