Celebs crave Hero Crane!


When I was in Vegas I was very drawn to a unique line called Hero Crane. This is definitely a “splurge” item but the compliments and attention you will receive make it worth every penny!

Los Angeles-based designers Josh and He Yang find inspiration in texture and the imperfections in nature, filtering this vision through a multicultural, urban lens. Their collection is filled with individually hand-crafted garments that drape and transform the body in free-flowing form.

What really drew me to Hero Crane was the gauze-like accents that often cover shoulders or act as side inserts. It definitely does justice to this season’s shredded and ravaged trend but at the same time, is soft and feminine. Like a delicately spun cobweb (but surprisingly more durable!) they drape beautifully. You absolutely MUST see these pieces in person to really see their beauty and uniqueness.

Lindsay Lohan was recently spotted in NYC wearing HC’s swing top, which we have in charcoal. See pics below to see what we have in stock!

Lindsay Lohan in Hero Crane's swing top, available in charcoal at Drama. $208.

Jewel in Hero Crane

V neck capped sleeve top in black, $145

Multi-color o neck tee with shredded sleeves and side panel, $159


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