New Pink Polka dot!


I haven’t had this line in-store in awhile (silly, as it is a great seller!) so the pink polka dot fans will be happy to see this delivery!

Pink Polka Dot is a denim friendly line of mostly tops and dresses for the sexy woman in all of us!  They produce the same silhouettes over and over, but in a HUGE variety of fun prints.  For that reason, it is impossible to re-order so if you see something you like, you’d better snap it up!  🙂

If you’re passionate about what’s “hot” on the west coast, Pink Polka Dot is also worn by some of Hollywood’s favorite starlets such as: Carmen Electra, Kate Hudson, Denise Richards, Kristen Cavalari, Heather Locklear and Fergie (London Bridge Video) just to name a few.  See below!

B&W wrap dress, $110. Chiffon print shirt with sash, $95.

Shoulder-peek print top, $88. Rain dot print chiffon blouse, $108.

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