Sometimes, beauty really is only skin deep….


Every girl knows that looking good is not all about the fashion, even though it plays a big part. That’s why we spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on manis, pedis, haircuts, highlights, and more! A couple of weeks ago a good look in the mirror revealed that things were not looking as good as they should, and I immediately started booking appointments. Stress + cocktails + minimal sleep does not a radiant beauty make.

I first headed over to AestheticsMD in the Medical Arts building for a consult, and they recommended a very light laser peel. This destroys the very top layer of your skin, which then peels, revealing younger and fresher skin. It eliminates or diminishes fine lines and helps remove the sun damage incurred on those lazy days at Big Island. Having never had this procedure before I was a bit nervous, but it ended up being a very reasonable experience! Within four days I was looking fab. I’m actually pretty amazed at the results such a light peel brought; my skin looks fantastic and the results are more significant than I expected from such a simple procedure.

Next I was off to Jungle Red on LaSalle for some killer blonde highlights. Owner Suzanne does “big hair” quite well, and I walked out of there looking like the blonde bombshell I knew I could be.

In honor of my transformation, AestheticsMD is offering 50% off Sciton laser treatments if you mention DRAMA (which includes hair removal, micro laser peel, profractional, veins, photo facials (pigment), acne blue light treatment, etc) and Jungle Red is offering $25 off any visit* with a stylist or spa therapist. These offers expire 8/31.

*One offer per person at Jungle Red

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