Interactive: What do you want to see at Drama?


I have two buying trips coming up in August:  One to Chicago for Stylemax, and the other to Sin City for Vegas Fashion Week and the MAGIC show.  I will be buying lines for Holiday and Spring.

Now that Drama has been open for 9  months, and has gone through subtle changes in inventory as my understanding of the downtown customer grew, I’m looking for some feedback.  My fall line is a bit more career-focused, with longer skirts/dresses and some great day-to-evening looks, without losing my vast array of sexy cocktail dresses and “night on the town” frocks.  I’m also SO excited about some HOT sweaters coming in!

What would you like to see grace the windows of Drama for holiday and spring?  Leave a comment below or email me at!


2 Responses to “Interactive: What do you want to see at Drama?”

  1. gigi Says:

    You know I love your store and can’t wait for the fabulous fall clothes to come in. The one thing I noticed that the Minneapolis fashion scene lacks is a great shoe store for women. I’ve resorted to buying my shoes on-line at for fun events. I think it would be great if you could introduce some shoe lines that we don’t have in the Twin Cities to go with your fashion forward clothing lines. Thanks for your fashion tips and have fun in sin city!

  2. shopatdrama Says:

    Ironically, I actually am looking into carrying shoes! It’s a big investment $ and space-wise but I’m hoping to pick them up for later in the fall. Thanks for your feedback! 🙂

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